Samphire (Tibenham) - Pork & Mustard

I'm a soft touch when it comes to buying produce at Christmas markets, and low it came to pass, verily at the Bury St Edmunds Christmas market I bought a few packs of Samphire sausages for the freezer! I suspect the last time we sampled the Samphire Pork & Mustard sausages was as a result of a similar purchase in 2015! ...[Read On]
Radatz (Austria) - Mini Käserkrainer

A Christmas/New Year thought from a friend of one of the troops bought these rather interesting sausages to SausageReview HQ. After a quick Google Translation of Käserkrainer..."cheesecake"...hmm not sure about that translation at all!...[Read On]
Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Chipolata

We last sampled pork chipolatas from Simon Dennis of Sawbridgeworth in 2017, and before that 2012. We like these chipolatas, so we decided to review them again from what is our local butchery, and what we recognised as a proper no nonsense chipolata sausage...[Read On]