Sainsburys - Leek & Mustard

I like a Leek and Mustard sausage, it's a fact. So spotting these in the sausages section in our local store was a result to be sure, however getting them to the checkout in amongst the rest of the shopping without them being spotted was a challenge. I'm told I buy and stock the freezer with too many sausages! Come on how can you have too many sausages?...[Read On]
Totham Bangers - Lamb & Mint

These 93% lamb sausages from Totham Bangers of Great Totham (nr Maldon) are very, very good and make it in to our "all time Top 5 - other than pork" reviews...[Read On]
Samphire (Tibenham) - Pork & Mustard

These sausages just appeared it seems from the freezer...we cannot recall at all where they came from or if someone dropped them in for us. Fortunately the pack is still "in date" and it's likely that we perhaps picked them up from a farmers market or food fair before Christmas. I know it's bad form not to know for sure, but there you go. We must do better in labelling...anyway let's do the review...[Read On]