Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Pork

Now we last reviewed these porks from Simon Dennis in June 2012. Some time has passed, so it's only right we revisit our review. Hopefully we'll find a proper no nonsense sausage once again.

Still 75%+ meat we notice from the counter label. Not too tightly packed, just how we like them here, and of coarse in natural skins.

Simon says he's been making sausages for years and really knows how to make them, and no doubt he knows what works best...

Cooked up the sample lost very little in weight. The skins browned well and these sausages had a medium firm bite with a pretty good chew. The texture previously was on the smooth side, but now it's smooth to medium, which we do prefer. OK they may be a "small sausage", but good things/small packages an all that! The seasoning is spot on too with just enough lingering spice taste on the palette after eating which does make for a pretty fair foodie experience.

Price-wise these remain very reasonable. In comparison with our previous review, they are same price per kilo and shape/size-wise, consistent too.

Eaten cold later on, we'll go with what we've said before, they're spot on. Try these in a sausage toad, they're once again, absolutely brilliant!

We may need to reconsider our choice of "everyday" sausage supplier!

Certainly earns an extra half mark for consistency...

A proper "no nonsense" sausage agreed. Job done...

Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Pork (Jun2012 / Feb2015)

90x28mm before cooking, 86x29mm after.
56g before cooking, 52g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 1% & weight loss of approx 7%.
6 sausages approx. 2.00 (5.99/kg)


Simon Dennis - Family Butchers
2 The Square,
CM21 9AE