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We had to run up to Sudbury recently so on the way over I took a chance of calling in to JR Humphrey's in the village of Clare. We'd received a message recently telling us to check out the Country Pork sausages. Looks a really nice place with that "olde England" feel, and although parking near the shop was a bit of an issue being a small place, with lots of cars and narrow streets, twice round the block and we found somewhere eventually.

JR Humphrey and Sons is a family butchers and delicatessen established in 1984 on a site that has been a butchers from way back in 1789. They strive to source quality local meat and produce including free range Blythburgh pork & lambs from Belchamp St Paul. They make their own pork sausages and cook their own hams. They also sell a wide selection of local cheeses, pies, salami and olives.

Blythburgh, also in Suffolk, are a very well respected supplier of free range pork, with a reputation for excellent animal welfare and top quality produce.

Incidentally we were warmly greeted on our arrival in the butchers shop, and if you are of an age you may remember the old school butchers were always jovial and joking, and this was the same. I asked politely about "How much pork in the Country Sausages?". The butcher replied "There's enough!" with wink of his eye. So I asked about the flavouring of the Country Sausages. His reply was "There's a bit of sage, but not too much!" I laughed, the other customers laughed, and the butcher laughed...so let's call it 80% free range pork with a bit of sage, just for the sake of it!

Well cooking up we had all 8 in one pan and a further 6 in a separate pan (from another maker, a review to follow of course) as we had company for a sausage and mash supper and I wanted others opinions on the bangers we had chosen. Honestly, the aroma of pan cooked sausage in the kitchen was mouthwatering!

The natural skins on the Country porks browned really nicely (see photo above) and performed really well. No splits or bursts at all. Absolutely no additional oil left in the pan after cooking too. These sausages came in at 28mm (approx diam), so I suspect that they weren't overstuffed and had room to cook without busting the skins.

I asked our company to try them before any gravy, onions or mash etc got near them and give honest opinions. Suffice to say, and it wasn't engineered, they all said what an excellent sausage taste and texture these Country pork had. They liked the mild flavour of the sage, and there was no issues with salt levels or seasoning.

With a little sage added, they weren't anyway near a Lincolnshire, but just a hint of sage was really good. The texture was medium firm and the bite, chew and succulence was spot on good too. Certainly a cracker of a sausage.

I did have a whinge at one of the company who tried his last piece with some Colman's splodged on....come on please!

All too soon, after seconds were had as well, they were all gone.

In summary, these Country Pork sausages from JR Humphrey's of Clare were impressive and easily make our Top Ten All Time listing of top sausages.

Thank you to Harry Copsey for the heads up, and in a message to JR Humphrey's, using an Arnie Schwarzenegger line: "I'll be back"

JR Humphrey (Clare, Suffolk) - Country Pork    (Feb 2024)

Here's the sample details:
130x28mm before cooking, 120x28mm after.
67g before cooking, 62g after.
That's a shrinkage of 7% & weight loss of approx 7%.
8 loose sausages 560g @ £5.03 (£8.99/kg approx)



J R Humphrey & Sons
5 Market Hill,
Nr Sudbury
Suffolk CO10 8NN

Tel: 01787 277294

Shop opening hours:

Tuesday 7:30 am–5:30 pm
Wednesday 7:30 am–5 pm
Thursday 7:30 am–5:30 pm
Friday 7:30 am–5:30 pm
Saturday 7 am–3 pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed

Reviews & comments from others:
"JR Humphrey's of Clare: The Country pork sausages are absolutely fabulous "
Harry Copsey (Feb 2024)


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