Lambournes (Stow-on-the-Wold) - Traditional Pork

We decided to go away for a few days to visit the Cotswolds recently, and to celebrate one of the troops birthdays while at it, and well, what could be better than a few days in Stow-on-the-Wold and the opportunity of sampling Gloucestershire sausages...

Lambournes is a proper traditional and independent family butchers which is renowned for locally produced meat, poultry and game. With 8 silver and 4 bronze awards from BPEX for their sausages and bacon, this butchers is well worth a visit we are told. Traceability of the meat they butcher and supply on is important and they claim they can honestly say where their raw product is sourced.

These traditional pork sausages are made from locally produced Gloucester Old Spot 70%+ lean pork in natural skins. In the raw they certainly look good with nicely filled but not overfilled skins and a good colouring too...yee haa! Having bought a good bag full for our dinner, the full family will give good feedback on these no doubt was my thought.

Cooked up (pan fried, yes, that's what we do) we noticed very little obvious shrinkage and weightloss. The skins are for sure good quality and showed no signs of splitting or rupture when cooked. Nicely browned with little residual oil in the pan too.

What we noticed was these sausages were quite solid once cooked with a medium to firm texture. Very succulent all the same. However a couple of the troops commented that although the taste was very good, the seasoning was a little too salty for them. Again we don't (as a family) add as much salt in our diet as we used to so this might leave us sensitive to what others may taste as normal. Personally, yes ok they we a tad on the salty side, but still very much ok. The firmness of the texture gave a really good bite and a chew, and as part of the colossal sausage and mash we prepared, they went down very well.

We saved one to try when cold. Very firm and solid, and still slightly salty.

The shop was busy with locals when we called in and we didn't have a chance to ask any questions about the making to be honest. We plan to call back to the shop in the near future when over that way, so I will rectify this as soon as.

The bottomline being, these traditional pork sausages are a fine sausage that we would for sure buy again.

Lambournes (Stow-on-the-Wold) - Traditional Pork   (May 2024)

Here's the sample details:
110x30mm before cooking, 110x30mm after.
93g before cooking, 86g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 7%.
10 loose sausages 10.03 (10.97/kg)



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