Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Pork & Cracked Black Pepper

These are yet again another example of a proper no nonsense sausage with a minimum 75% meat in natural skins from Simon Dennis of Sawbridgeworth. Simon says he's been making sausages for years and really knows how to make them, and no doubt he knows what works best... 

These particular sausages both look good and taste good...there you go...

The troops are a little touchy about peppered sausage. None of them like sausages that are overly peppered, be it white, black, cracked or not to be honest, so I was keen they gave an honest opinion in tasting rather than just dismiss them without trying.

I know Simon uses best quality pork (because he's made a point in telling me), natural skins and seasonings for his products, and his customers locally will praise his butchery.  The "freshly-made" scotch eggs Simon also  produces I know are not part of this review, but would be worth you trying too!

So cooked up these porkers ate really well.  The pepper is under control and balanced enough so that you don't get a almighty peppery burst and build up when chewing. Yes there is spiciness there and to be honest they're a really good sausage for a sandwich in my own opinion.  Believe me you won't need any additional sauce, and use white bread!  Try it and let us know.

The team were surprised that they all but one liked these...OK there's always one!  Too peppery...she still finished her plate though.  Result then. 

Eaten cold later on, there was reduction in flavour, but still very nice.   It would be interesting to try these in a sausage toad. 

Price-wise I need to walk up the road to the shop as I didn't get the price, but these like all of Simon's produce I'm sure will remain very reasonable.

A proper "no nonsense" sausage agreed. Job done.

Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Pork & Cracked Black Pepper (Jul 2015)

Here's the sample details:
95x30mm before cooking, 92x30mm after.
65g before cooking, 58g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 3%.


Simon Dennis - Family Butchers
2 The Square,
CM21 9AE