Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Spanish

If you like a quality spicy chilli sausage then these are for you. Simon Dennis of Sawbridgeworth has a reputation for producing good value and tasty sausages .

The seasoning we're told is a mixture of a standard chorizo flavouring plus "a good measure" of extra chilli. With the minimum 75% meat in decent natural casings make these sausages quite a experience.

Yes they look deep red, and we mean red when raw, but don't be put off, they cook up and eat really well. Not so much chilli that you wince with stinging lips, but enough so that you get a deep warming feeling when you munch in to these. The chorizo flavouring makes them very tasty and just one, is simply not enough!

A medium to coarse texture, and a good bite and chew. One of our tasters who is a chilli nut, liked these a lot and I have to say that I thought they were spot on myself.

If you were doing some tapas for guests, some slices of these would go down a treat.

As Simon says he's been making sausages for years and knows how to make them, and without doubt he knows what works best...

Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Spanish (Nov 2012)

95x30mm before cooking, 85x30mm after.
58g before cooking, 56g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 3%.
6 sausages approx. 2.09 (6.06/kg approx)


Simon Dennis - Family Butchers
2 The Square,
CM21 9AE