The Gog Farm Shop (Cambridge) - Traditional

On the journey returning scenic route-wise from a birthday lunch in Cambridge we happened upon "The Gog Farm Shop" at Shelford Bottom...hmm? Didn't it used to be called The Gog & Magog Farm Shop when we last reviewed some sausage delights way back in 2014?

We really couldn't miss a chance to call in and see whether the farm shop was still "making there own" now could we? Not a too bad everyday sausages if I recall, so could they be even better with what appears to be a slight name change?

The Farm Shop has some history as a long established family business operating a Shop and Butchery, a Deli and a Cafe. Runner up in the Butchers Shop of the Year 2012 awards and runner up in the 2012 Observer Best Independent Food Retailer competition too. Then again named runner up in the 2013 Observer Best Independent Food Retailer competition. Since then further Great Taste Awards, winner of the Butchers Shop of the Years 2016, The Great British Food Awards 2016 & 2018, The Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2017, and The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018.  In fact The Gog has even featured on the BBC’s "MasterChef", "Taste of Britain", "The Great British Menu" and even "The Apprentice".

Yes, yes we hear you, "Please tell us what are the sausages like?" OK ok but we would like to add that the Farm Shop is really good, with truly excellent modern butchery, deli/cheese shop, wine shop, fruit & veg, albeit in separate out buildings but hey "it's a FARM shop"...So to the sausages...

Using carefully selected outdoor reared pork from high-welfare farms in Suffolk the butchery still continues to handmake (& hand-tie) on site with the best cuts of pork, producing an exclusive range of sausages and sausage meats made to a secret recipe handed down through the Bradford family.

A pack of 8 porkers, 71% meat, with breadcrumbs (ok not gluten free then?) in natural skins for £4.95 !!! And if you buy 3 packs only £12 !!!!!  Yee haa! This is exceptionally good value in anybodies view...

Cooked up they had a chunky texture with crispy skins. Nicely succulent and certainly a really good taste. Our only criticism would be just a touch more seasoning perhaps for our taste, but let's not get too "picky" about that. These sausages would go down well we are sure with anybody. 

Just to reiterate though, these are not gluten free, they do contain egg and have added sulphates, and yes a little oil/fat is released whilst cooking.  That's pan frying as we do all our sampling. If you grill or oven bake you may get a different result.

We said this before but it is still applicable.

Go spoil yourself, and call in to the farm shop and pickup some farm shop goodies yourself to try and perhaps let us know what you think about them!

On a further note: We really should have gone for the 3 packs for £ time then!

The Gog Farm Shop (Cambridge) - Traditional
    (Mar 2022)

Here's the sample details:
110x28mm before cooking, 100x28mm after.
56g before cooking, 48g after.
That's a shrinkage of 9% & weight loss of approx 14%.
8 sausages in a 480g pack (approx) £4.95 (£10.30/kg approx)



The Gog Farm Shop
Heath Farm,
Shelford Bottom
Cambridge CB22 3AD

01223 248352



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