Porky Whites (Surrey) - Chipolatas

Well there's me thinking "just another supermarket sausage", so after trying these, I may stand corrected. These Porky Whites Chipolatas are pretty good...for a supermarket packed sausage!

I'd spotted the packaging with it's reminiscent and quaint photo of bye gone days and immediately recalled seeing a photo in the old family album of myself wearing just such a little coat when I was a child in the fifties. The jolly gentleman's apron fixed on to one of those no doubt rubberised coat buttons on his rolled sleeved work coat also started my mind thinking of other past times. I know it's a black & white photo but I was actually seeing the colours! Mind you I dare say most people under 40 wouldn't even remember scenes like this!

But mores the point the photo to me promises that these sausages would bring back memories of visiting the local butchers with my old mum, the saw dust sticking to the wheels of my push-chair, the rabbits hanging up with their fur coats still on, and it's a bit of a worry, nostalgic recall of the experience of munching on a RAW chipolata sausage that the jolly old butcher had given me (wrapped with a bit of the white paper they all used cut from a large sheet with the big curved knife so I could hold it) to eat on the way home? OK let's stop there...it was the fifties after all. So see what a good bit of packaging does...15:0 to marketing again!

So 82% pork shoulder and belly in natural casings with honey and lemon juice eh? Well they cooked up really well and had a very distinctive herby flavour. I was honestly, suitably impressed. These chipolatas are different. The "porkier bite" is perhaps an apt phrase because there was a pleasing texture on the smooth to medium side, a good succulence for a chipolata, with a good bite and chew, and certainly the flavour alone enticed me to just have another immediately before others arrived to tuck in.

OK nostalgia for things in the past because of the photo alone but after all this time whether these were a similar flavour sausages to those enjoyed in my young days is a bit of a tall order.

However ignoring the packaging and the nostalgia, you should at least try these, because they are different.

Porky Whites (Surrey) - Chipolatas
  (Nov 2012)

Here's the sample details:
110x20mm before cooking, 110x20mm after.
37g before cooking, 34g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 8%.
10 packaged at 2.59 (6.80/Kg approx).