Porky White's (Surrey) - Pork

We liked our first tasting of Porky Whites so we picked up a pack of the bigger porks and going by the comments on their web site we got ready for a tasting experience...

Agreed yes these too are a good succulent sausage, but how they fattened up in the pan! A bit strange really, no significant residue oil remaining in the pan. So did these suck up what oil we had started with? Well they certainly lost an absolute minimum in weight, so what went on here? There was a bit of skin shrinkage lengthwise (sausage eruptions at the ends) and a few splits but if they did absorb the oil they were not fatty at all. In fact a good open light texture with a similar flavour to the Surrey Chipolatas.

82% pork shoulder and belly in natural casings with honey and lemon juice. These really are the chipolatas bigger brothers! Not such a "porkier bite" though in comparison we thought but still a good bite and chew all the same.

Thumbs up all round for taste but trust me, two each for a serving is more than sufficient! These really are a good fulfilling food experience. Good value too.

Porky White's (Surrey) - Pork
  (Nov 2012)

Here's the sample details:
100x30mm before cooking, 100x34mm after.
75g before cooking, 71g after.
That's an overall shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 5%.
6 in a 454g pack at 2.49 (5.48/Kg approx).