Brookfield Farm (Aston) - HertBeat

We originally found out about this farm butchery from friends from Dane End, Hertfordshire. They had raved about the excellent produce from Brookfield Farm specifically their sausages, but did say I may need the sat-nav if I was thinking about visiting the farm shop...[Read On]
JR Humphrey (Clare, Suffolk) - Country Pork

We had to run up to Sudbury recently so on the way over I took a chance of calling in to JR Humphrey's in the village of Clare. We'd received a message recently telling us to check out the Country Pork sausages. Looks a really nice place with that "olde England" feel, and although parking near the shop was a bit of an issue being a small place, with lots of cars and narrow streets, twice round the block and we found somewhere eventually...[Read On]
Gt Garnetts (Barnston, Essex) - Old English

These are the Old English sausages we bought from the Gt Garnetts Christmas market. OK they have had a spell in the arctic conditions of our freezer over Christmas. The Flitch Royale's we bought at the same time and reviewed previously ate reasonably well so we had hopes that these would do same...[Read On]