Musks (Newmarket) - Original Newmarket

With travel restrictions still with us for now, to get our sausage fix in the week we had to fall back on some sausages from the freezer this time...mind you Musks - Original Newmarket sausages do make a first class "sausage & mash"...[Read On]
Churchgate - Pork & Sloe Gin

We have to give a prize to these chaps for creativity. With the time of year upon us to go out and pick some sloes to start your gin infusions off, Churchgate launch their Pork & Sloe Gin sausages...[Read On]
Churchgate - The Original Directors Choice

We last tried these in May 2019 and they seem recently to have had a slight name change. Now somewhat boldly called The Original Directors Choice, it would also appear they are one of Churchgate's "best sellers". We particularly liked these before but do they still get the thumbs up from the Sausage Review troops?...[Read On]