Pickled Pig (Cuffley, Herts) - Sheftalia

So OK, yes, not the usual sausage we sample but I called in to Simmons the bakers (I cannot resist a cake or two from this excellent bakers) and noticed a very interesting master butchers and delicatessen just along the parade of shops of Station Road, Cuffley. Bought a pack of sheftalia. Something different for a change was my thinking...[Read On]
Jolly Hog (Bristol) - Proper Porker

Getting a couple of emails recently prompted us to have another look at these Proper Porkers from Jolly Hog. We'd last tried them in Feb 2017 and they were an OK everyday sort of sausage as far as we were concerned. Surely they cannot have become less than a "proper porker"?...[Read On]
Porky White's (Surrey) - Surrey Premium Pork

We received somewhat negative comments from one of our readers about their experience of Porky White's sausages, so as it's been a while since we sampled such, we thought we would give them another go...[Read On]